Does Florida Allow Wrongful Death Claims for Intentional Acts?


Does Florida Allow Wrongful Death Claims for Intentional Acts?

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to adjust and accept the situation. Worse, your loved one may have been killed by someone else’s actions. They meant to hurt someone dear to you, and now you and your family are suffering for it.

Before you file a claim, however, you’ll need to know what damages and what kind of claim you’re dealing with. Because wrongful death claims can be a little more complex, reach out to a Lakeland wrongful death attorney before you file a claim. With the right help on your side, you and your family can get the compensation you need to move on from your suffering.

Wrongful Death vs. Criminal Cases

When someone intentionally kills someone, you might be dealing with more than a lawsuit. Instead, you and your family might be involved in the aftermath of a crime, which makes your lawsuit more complicated.

Criminal cases are brought forward by the government, and these cases will take priority. If your loved one is killed by another person, you’ll need to postpone filing your claim until the case is closed. However, just because the person is found guilty doesn’t mean that you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Instead, you’ll also need to file your own claim after the criminal case is settled. These are two different systems, and your claim is only meant to compensate you. In a criminal case, the only focus is on deciding the punishment for the wrongdoer.

Seeking Damages for Intentional Acts

Once you’re ready for your lawsuit, you’ll file it much like any other case, if you’re the personal representative of the estate. If you’re not, however, you might still receive compensation for your suffering.

For example, you might be financially affected by this loss. You’ve lost a source of income, you might be paying for property damage, and you might be left to deal with their final medical expenses. All these costs wouldn’t be on your plate if the other person hadn’t fatally harmed your loved one.

Your “noneconomic damages” are just as important. You’re also suffering from the loss of someone important in your life, and that can impact your emotional health. For example, their love and support won’t be available to you. When you’ve lost a parent, you may have also lost the affection and guidance they provided. While these damages might be more difficult to calculate, they’re still important.

Full Compensation for Your Wrongful Death Claim

When you lose a loved one to any accident, it can be a devastating blow to you and your family members. You’re missing the affection and love they provided, and you’re dealing with the aftermath of their death financially, too. When another personal intentionally caused their death, it’s tough to recover. So, what can you do?

Fortunately, Florida does allow families to seek compensation when their loved one passes away from an intentional act. While it can be difficult, especially since you’ll need to wait to file, you will have a chance to get the full compensation your family deserves.

When you’re struggling to get that compensation, you may need a lawyer on your side. Seek out someone who will have the tools and resources you need to recover from your suffering. With the right lawyer on your side, you can get the help you and your family needs.