Sorting Out Child Custody in Indiana


Sorting Out Child Custody in Indiana

If you’re going through a divorce or legal separation, there are many family issues that you will need to work out. One of the most difficult issues to resolve is that of child custody. There are often parenting disagreements that caused the marriage to break down in the first place, so coming to agreements during divorce can be difficult.

You’re already dealing with friction between you and your ex, so sometimes you need a little extra help to get these issues resolved. It’s important to remember that child custody is always about what’s best for the children. If your case goes to trial, the court will be more concerned with the children’s interests rather than yours.

If you focus on the kids, then it’s usually easier to work out a parenting plan and custody arrangement that works for both parties.

What to Consider When Deciding on a Parenting Plan

There are several factors that need to be considered when coming up with a custody arrangement. You will want to consider both parties’ work schedules, as well as where the children will go to school. You probably want to minimize the impact to the children as much as possible.

The following are some of the items to think about when deciding on custody and visitation arrangements:

  • Which party provides the majority of care and emotional support?
  • Is either party disabled or unable to work?
  • Does the child have a disability that needs to be considered?
  • Where do the children go to school?
  • Does one of the parents live in another city or state?
  • Were there any substance abuse issues during the marriage?
  • Were there any issues pertaining to domestic violence?
  • Which party did most of the child rearing during the marriage?

How can child custody issues be resolved?

There are different ways to resolve child custody matters, and which one is best for you will depend on your case. For instance, some people are able to resolve these issues on their own outside of court, but that won’t work for everyone.

Some people are able to resolve these issues during mediation, but again, that’s not right for every divorcing couple. If there were domestic violence problems during the marriage, going to court might be the best option for you. A lawyer can help you decide which method would be best for resolving child custody disputes in Indiana.

Are you looking for some help with a child custody case?

There’s no question that child custody is one of the most contentious issues to settle during a divorce or separation. You want what’s best for your child, but two people don’t always agree on what that is. Working out these issues on your own can be difficult, if not impossible. You don’t have to do this alone, though.

Contacting a Terre Haute family lawyer is probably a good idea. Your lawyer can help you to resolve child custody matters, and help to ensure you reach the best-case scenario possible. Your lawyer can also give you advice on other matters pertaining to divorce or legal separation.