Why Should You Add a Listing?

There are quite a few legal directories across the Internet, some of which are free to submit a listing or claim an existing listing. With so many places out there to list your law firm, why should you be willing to pay a small annual fee in order for your law firm to be listed at Car Accident Lawyer Local?

Experience and a Human Touch Matters

The vast majority of legal directories on the Internet are created using stock templates and outdated data to populate the templates. The owners, who often live outside the United States, launch the websites to be self sufficient and never pay attention to them again as lawyers can come in and pay to “claim” their usually incorrect listing. Many of these sites simply vanish after a couple years and are lost forever.

Car Accident Lawyer Local is built from the ground up by a veteran law firm marketer who has spearheaded the online marketing efforts of a national law firm for well over a decade. Everything on this site is written and coded with not only white hat SEO techniques as part of the equation, but local SEO that is extremely beneficial to mobile phone exposure.

There’s plenty of room for growth because this site is actively monitored and worked on. Additional listings will allow us to expand new areas of the site including original content, and that will all serve a greater SEO ranking in the long run.

The Benefit of a True “Local” Listing

One of the most important aspects of a law firm listing is ensuring the full NAP is listed. NAP stands for “Name, Address, Phone Number,” and is a signal that Google reads to validate a business in the local search results listings is relevant. The more accurate NAP listings, the better, and you’ll get a verified NAP listing here.

Each listing is manually verified to ensure it matches both Google and Bing maps. We care that this site succeeds, is constantly evolving, and will provide a beneficial NAP listing for you.

In fall 2015, Google updated their local map listings to only show the top three law firms on the first local maps page result in any given search. It’s now more important than ever to do everything you can to get into the top three as potential clients will see those listings first under the paid listings.

A Backlink That Google Won’t Ignore

One of my biggest pet peeves with many law firm or everything-under-the-sun directories is they hide the fact that the link you provide for your website will be ignored by Google. These links are called “nofollow” links and the only way to tell if a website is using this tactic is to peek at the page code.

All law firm links at Car Accident Lawyer Local do NOT have “nofollow” code attached to them. These are solid links that will pass through all the growing relevance of this website to Google so you get credit.

The Price is Right

I have aggressively priced a listing at Car Accident Lawyer Local for only $19 a year. That’s the price of a single lunch with a drink. Or less than a tank of gas. Over time your listing here will hopefully be part of a portfolio of strong links that make you relevant in local search results.

No Advertising Clutter

Ever notice how many law firm directories are so overburdened with ads that it is hard to determine whether you’re clicking on a text ad or a listing? Car Accident Lawyer Local is devoid of any advertisements for two reasons: 1) It keeps the site clean for visitors and potential clients; 2) It keeps the site fast for SEO measurement.

Multiple Office Locations Support

There are many law firms across the United States that have grown and expanded since inception. Some firms have 10, 20, 30 or more offices in one or multiple states.

Many website directories, because they are fully automated and canned, do not play nice with multiple law firm listings — especially if there is more than one office in the same city. Car Accident Lawyer Local is designed to support multiple offices, even in the same city if a firm requests this.

No Gimmick Promises

I’ve seen every law firm pitch under the sun, from “guaranteed top of Google” emails to “you’ll receive X leads for Y dollars per lead” and everything in between. I consider these all gimmick pitches because even if you do quickly make it to the top of Google the odds of you remaining there are zilch as the marketer would have had to use black hat techniques to achieve the feat.

Buying leads is also a nightmare proposition. How old are the leads? What kind of experience has the injured person on the other end of that lead endured thus far while the middleman shops them around like a used car? How long will it takes to fulfill the X leads in the agreement? Oh, there’s no timetable?

I created Car Accident Lawyer Local from the perspective of an Internet marketer working for a law firm. I wanted to provide a valuable NAP listing and backlink with no hassles or gimmicks that will strengthen in relevance over time.

Hopefully you agree that I’ve accomplished that and choose to add a listing for your car accident law firm.